Chris & Emily Vickio

Pioneer Bible Translators

East Africa Branch

Who we are

Family photo

Hi, we are Chris and Emily Vickio. We both grew up in southern Delaware, having met as children at the The Crossing. It was at that same church that we were married in the summer of 2007. Two years later, we moved to Dallas and joined Pioneer Bible Translators.

Emily attended Central Christian College of the Bible in Moberly, Missouri. She went on to get a degree in Elementary Education from Hannibal-Lagrange College in Hannibal, Missouri in 2007.

Chris didn’t attend college, but began working with computers when he was eleven. He started working full time at a local ISP in Delaware when he was sixteen. For ten years he continued working as a software developer and system administrator in the transportation industry.

Our son Miles was born in 2013 and our daughter Selah in 2015.

Where we are

Our house

After completing our training with Pioneer Bible Translators, we moved to Tanzania, East Africa in March 2010 to serve as the IT Specialist and Children’s Teacher for the East Africa Branch.

We live just a few hours from the Indian Ocean in small city where the branch headquarters is located. Living in an urban area, we are able to find relatively comfortable housing with water and electricity (most of the time), though we don’t have to go far to find the thatched-roof dirt-floor huts that are typical of the region.

We enjoy the slow pace and the wonderful people in the country where we live. Since arriving, we have become well accustomed to the life and language of a place that at first seemed strange and foreign.

Why we are here

People rejoicing

Everyone should have the opportunity to read or hear the Bible in a language that speaks to their heart. Yet there are millions of people who speak one of the thousands of languages into which the Bible has not yet been translated.

Pioneer Bible Translators’ East Africa Branch is working to translate the Bible into several of the local languages in the region where we are serving. Most of these are languages that have never had a single version of scripture before.

Chris’ role as IT Specialist is to keep the branch’s 30+ computers running smoothly. He is also responsible for the network, phones, printers, and solar equipment that are used in remote translation offices throughout the country. Chris is now also the organization's International Coordinator of IT Services for Field Projects, helping to centralize IT knowledge and support for Pioneer Bible Translator's 80+ projects worldwide.

Emily’s primary job is to teach the children of the other missionary families on the team. She is well qualified for this role, being the oldest of eleven in a homeschooling family. In 2013, she took on the additional role of Member Care Facilitator, looking out for the overall health and well-being of everyone on the team.