Help us bring God's word to Tanzania!

Posted 9 months ago.

Donate here: Our team has translated the New Testament into 10 languages of East Africa. Now we are ready to publish 50,000 copies in these languages. We are raising money to make it happen. Help us out!

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Mt. Meru
Sarah & Selah @sarahpolite
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A man bagging charcoal at market in town. #morogoro #tanzania #discover255 #streetphotography
Birthday lunch with the fam!
+1 for the Vickio fam! Selah Rae Vickio was born Friday morning, June 5th. She's amazing and healthy. Emily is great as well. Ask her about the birth story sometime, it was intense!
Millions of people don't have the Bible in their language. We're changing that. #GivingTuesday
9 months ago
We are raising money to print the New Testament in 10 languages of Tanzania for the first time. Details here:
9 months ago
Just posted a new video about how we keep the water running at our house here in Tanzania:
about 1 year ago
New video is up. A Trip to Nairobi:
over 1 year ago

Who we are

My name is Chris Vickio and my wife is Emily. We both grew up in southern Delaware, having apparently met each other as children in nursery at the Lewes Church of Christ (neither of us can remember that far back). It was at that same church that we got married in the summer of 2007. In 2009 we moved to Dallas and joined PBT.


Where we are

We work at the PBT EAB. For the uninitiated, that is the Pioneer Bible Translators East Africa Branch. We joined PBT looking for an opportunity to use our talents and skills in full time ministry overseas. We told them we’d go wherever they needed a teacher and an IT guy. They said Tanzania, and we said OK. So that’s where we are.


Why we are here

It’s pretty simple. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to read or hear the Bible in a language that speaks to their heart. There are a lot of people (over 300,000,000) who can’t do this because they speak a language into which the Bible has not yet been translated. We’re helping to make the Bible available to them.